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Pandemic Programs

Check out how SMILE has supported families during COVID-19

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm and SMILE families have been heavily impacted by the pandemic. Since March 2020, SMILE has changed up all programs and services to cater to families' unique needs! 

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Wellness Check-Ins

Since March 2020, SMILE has been conducting over 200 wellness check-ins to families to ensure that their needs are being met. 

Essentials Deliveries

MILE has been provided families with hot meals, perishables and non perishable food items, activity kits and more!

Technology Drive

SMILE has provided families with over 70 technology devices to help families connect to online resources and facilitate back to school learning. Learn more about SMILE's technology drive HERE!

Mentorship Program

With the support of the United Way Emergency Community Support Fund, SMILE has launched a Virtual Respite Mentorship Program to provide 1-1 support for SMILE children and youth. From supporting academic goals and working on social skills, this program has made a big impact on mentors and mentees. Learn more HERE!

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COVID-19 Winter Toolkit

With the support of the United Way Emergency Community Support Fund, SMILE created personalized Winter Toolkits for all SMILE families. SMILE worked with local vendors to create customized toolkits that include disability-related activities for families and more!

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Virtual Programs

SMILE has shifted all programs online. We have worked with local professionals to provide parents and caregivers with Educational Events and COVID-19 Educational Tipsheets

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Parent Coaching

The pandemic brought unique challenges for parents and caregivers. SMILE connects families with qualified therapists such as SLP's, ABA's and OT's for 1-1 support for their children's unique needs. Click HERE to learn more!

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