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SMILE 2022 Merch Design Contest!

We want to launch a new, unique and fresh merch line and we are looking to YOUR creative vision to guide us!

Winning designs will not only receive their merch design in our new line, but also a free merch item and a $50 gift card to a local business of your choice! 

Submit your design(s) by January 31st, 2022 at midnight

All proceeds of SMILE merch will go towards essential family support services we provide to children with disabilities at their families including: therapy groups, service navigations and financial assistance


Contest Rules

How to Submit

1) Submit up to 2 designs per merch item (sweatshirt, t-shirt, long-sleeves, tote, mug, baseball cap). Note that you are not required to submit a design for every merch item. 

2) Submit your designs via a PDF (one PDF per merch item) through our google form.

3)When submitting, please ensure the PDF includes the design as well as the design directly on the merch item (you may use any blank templates of your choosing, however we have some uploaded with a few colour options here). An example is shown below:

Example submission
Branding Guidelines

We are open to your creative vision and encourage you to think outside of the box! We are looking to create a merch line that is more than just the SMILE logo. Please use the following as a guide.


Note: you are not limited to these colours and are not required to use all.

SMILE Merch Design Contest.png


Please find our Logos available to download in this folder

Colour of Merch Items

  • Hoodies, t-shirts, long sleeves and crewnecks: any colour

  • Mug: white

  • Tote: off-white

  • Baseball cap: black, white

Judging Criteria

1) Creativity and Individuality
Does your work reflect a unique creative vision? Is it visually pleasing to the eye? 


2) Reflection of SMILE mission & beliefs
SMILE works to support racialized children & youth with disabilities and their families. Click here to learn more about the programs and services we offer!


3) Use of SMILE branding guidelines
(Detailed above)

Happy designing!

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