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Give the Gift of SMILE for Hina's Birthday

SMILE Canada Support Services is an organization that is very dear to me. I have been a part of this local charity organization since 2015 in the capacity of various roles from Youth Team Lead to curating and running a very successful mentorship program for the kids and youth of SMILE to managing over 400 SMILE volunteers to name a few. 

From the awesome team members who run the organization to the selfless and compassionate volunteers, truly, I have immense respect for the level of dedication they all carry themselves with. In order to keep doing the work and help the countless families and children and continue to meet the growing needs, we absolutely need your support. In such dire times we now live in where God has written every single person’s rizq and this can come in many forms - from money to barakah in the single dollar you donate to the time you give by sharing with others about the org and its needs. I’m truly humbled that I have an opportunity to give back to the SMILE community.

For my 37th birthday this year; in-lieu of any sort of gift at all - I would love it if you can consider donating towards the SMILE families. SMILE Canada supports over 800 families across Canada of children and youth with disabilities and critical illness. 70% of which are struggling to meet basic needs, many of whom are refugees and evacuees from Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Sudan. Increasingly children referred to SMILE are directly impacted by war and displacement, physical and psychological trauma, and long term illness and disability.

I am also thankful to those also who have the intention to donate but are unable to do so - I would love it if you can share this within your networks. To the person who donates their coffee change, their one dinner’s worth of money towards this, and the person who just wants to support in whatever capacity they can; to each and every person who helps advance the work of SMILE because Allah sees you, has your back and chose YOU to be a helper. I thank you and appreciate your presence in my life from the bottom of my heart.


        - Hina

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