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Hospital Support Program

What is the Hospital Support Program? 

SMILE’s Hospital Support Program provides support to families who have children in long-term stays or have recurring visits for treatments. Our aim is to provide social, emotional, and financial support in a culturally responsive and tailored way to the needs of our families.

Support We Provide 


Parent and Caregiver Wellness Packages

Parents will receive comfort and self-care items tailored to their needs.


Child/Youth Wellness Packages

Each child/youth will receive care packages containing comfort items and/or therapeutic activities catered to their specific needs and interests.


Food and Parking Reimbursements

Meal and parking reimbursements will be provided to families to ensure their hospital stays are as comfortable as possible.


Parent Support Groups

Registered families will have access to all SMILE parent support groups that they feel may benefit their family.

$25 will allow a parent/caregiver to receive a parent care package
$35 will allow a SMILE child to receive a child care package
$65 will allow a child and parent/caregiver to receive meals during their hospital stay
$100 will help a parent/caregiver with parking fees
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