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You're Invited to Issra & Yusuf's Birthday!

I've never been a person big on birthdays.

Issra & Yusuf turn 2 on April 20th Inshallah. We've never been big on birthdays personally but we've also never been this grateful for having the blessing of being alive, healthy and watch our children turn another leaf, Inshallah. These last few months have been full of changes and challenges  to say the least - but Subhanallah that we can say that even our difficulties have come from a place of privilege. We moved across the world, we lost Annum's grandmother who was the pillar and foundation of her family, we have been able to choose how much content we consume regarding the atrocities around the world…we've been able to feed our children despite children dying from starvation quite literally…the list goes on. We've come to realize how PERFECT Allah's plan is despite our imperfect ability to see it. We have learned that despite losing those we love and witnessing injustice, not a leaf falls without the WILL of Allah and Allah is so so so so perfect - beyond a realm we can ever comprehend. In a state of gratitude and service, we've decided to help our children (and ourselves selfishly) gather some tiny good deeds during our stay above the ground. We both advocate for SMILE wherever we go for many reasons. For starters, it's leadership. These incredibly HUMBLE, selfless human beings continue to work day in and out in addition to their careers for those in our communities that are often sidelined and forgotten. They do it with transparency, with sincere commitment and drive.


Over the years, the organizations needs have continued to grow as more and more families continue to require their services. More recently, SMILE has been at the forefront of providing services to Palestinian and Sudanese families and children coming into Canada and the need is DIRE. So we invite you to Issra & Yusuf's 2nd birthday - virtually. In lieu of a party/cakes/decor, we will donate our intended budget to SMILE. For our friends who would've been invited which is everyone of course, we encourage you to donate your coffee change, your gas, the book or gift you were going to give my children (my kids are blessed and have already received SO MUCH from all our  family and friends) to SMILE via the link below. We are sharing this link in advance so that you can multiply your intentions and rewards during the blessed month of Ramadan.


We hope that through this gift, Allah alleviates your hardships, opens doors of barakah in all its forms and saves the best seats in Jannah for you guys.Attached are pictures of my kiddos first birthday and everything that YOU guys made possible for Smile families  and their children last year. Help us provide the services they desperately need!


Thank YOU in advance & truly, with a LOT of love - Annum & Husain

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