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Give the Gift of SMILE 

As you may or may not know, I love donating whatever I can to the less fortunate. It was during Covid that I decided to start the Charity X Change journey, and I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me so far.

For my birthday this year, in lieu of having a party or a get together, I wanted to raise money to help SMILE Canada provide kids with rehabilitation therapy and grief/trauma counseling. These services will be provided to children with disabilities from Gaza, Sudan, and Afghanistan who are now residing in Canada.

SMILE Canada supports over 800 families across Canada of children and youth with disabilities and critical illness. 70% of which are struggling to meet basic needs, many of whom are refugees and evacuees from Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Sudan. Increasingly children referred to SMILE are directly impacted by war and displacement, physical and psychological trauma, and long term illness and disability.

If you could donate any amount that you can, it would mean so much to me. If you are unable to donate, please help spread the word and help me reach my goal of raising $1000!

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