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Your Immediate Support is Needed to Save Critical Programs
The devastating events in Palestine, Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria and many other countries have exponentially increased the demand for our therapy, emergency relief funds, wellness check-ins, and overall family support. It Takes A Village to meet this unprecedented need and your support is critical. 
What’s At Stake

Disabled children and youth of 750+ families rely on SMILE for numerous life-altering programs and services. Without your support, SMILE families, many of whom are refugees coming from regions with firsthand trauma, now facing secondhand trauma from a distance, will be left unsupported. 

54% of SMILE families are struggling to meet basic needs, leaving them no choice but to forsake critical disability related services. In these challenging times, it truly does take a village and your support is absolutely essential. 

Your immediate contribution will ensure we continue to provide vital services to more than 750 families who rely on SMILE Canada. Join us in safeguarding our programs for them.

Stand with SMILE Canada’s Village
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