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What is Move4SMILE?

Move4SMILE is our annual fundraising initiative that encourages everyone to create their own fundraising campaign while getting active! Proceeds towards your campaign will go towards children and youth with disabilities.

We invite everyone to get active and jump, run, walk or paint for a good cause! Stay tuned on social media for updates!
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Where will my proceeds go?

How can I start a Campaign?

Choose an activity! Whether it's Sports related, Arts and crafts or Baking! The possibilities are endless and there are no rules!

Choose a fundraising goal (Examples $100, $250 $1,000, $5,000 etc.) - it’s your goal!

Share your fundraising page with family and friends


"But I've never fundraised before and don't have a big network"

Don't be overwhelmed we are here to give you tips, templates and help you along the way to set up and push your campaign!
For inquiries email or DM us on Instagram @smilecanada

Every dollar raised from this year's campaign will go directly to support SMILE's wellness program, providing essential resources and services to support the needs of our families


Highlights from our past campaigns!

Watch  Haya and Noor, pledge to pie each other in the face if they reached their fundraising goal. Check out this fun video!
Watch Basit pledge to cook at every $20 mark of his campaign!
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