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This Ramadan, support children and youth with disabilities

Start your personal SMILE fundraising campaign

This Ramadan help us SMILE by supporting essential programs and services for SMILE children and youth with disabilities. You can make a direct impact through fundraising amongst friends, families and co-workers. Your generous donations will help support essential programs such as SMILE’s financial assistance program, Parent Coaching and Therapy program, and Service Navigation!

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100% Zakaat Eligible

  • SMILE supports close to 500 families in Canada

  • 70% of SMILE families are in financial need

  • 30% are refugees (majority from Afghanistan, Syria & Sudan)

  • 46% of families have more than one child with a disability

  • 20% of families are single-mothers with children

  • 4% of families live in shelters


Send your campaign to friends and family to reach your goal!

Create your campaign in under 5 minutes!

Enter your goal amount

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Next, you'll be prompted to make a Launchgood account

Fill in your campaign details, here are a few points:

Ensure you change your campaign end date to May 3rd

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You may change your campaign pitch or use the one we have provided!

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Add your teammates to fundraise together!

Click "ENHANCE" on the left side

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Enter the emails of your teammates

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You're almost done!

in the top right corner

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You will receive an email with the link to your personal campaign to send to your networks!

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