Hospital Support Program

What is the Hospital Support Program? 
SMILE’s Hospital Support Program provides support to registered SMILE families that have children at SickKids hospital with critical illnesses and/or disabilities. Our aim is to provide social, emotional, resource, and financial support all in a culturally responsive and tailored way to the needs of our registered families. 
Support We Provide

SMILE will provide support to children with critical illnesses/disabilities and their families through...

  1. Parent and Caregiver Wellness Packages and Services - parents will receive comfort items, self-care items, and more all tailored to their needs and meal deliveries, coffee visits, arts and crafts, transportation to appointments, etc.

  2. Child/Youth Wellness Packages - each child/youth will receive care packages containing comfort items and therapeutic activities catered to their specific needs and interests.

  3. Food Deliveries and Parking Allowances - meal deliveries, coffee visits, transportation costs and parking allowances will be provided to families to ensure their hospital stays are as comfortable as possible.

  4. Resource/advocacy support - assistance with access and service navigation, including help with funding paperwork, etc.

  5. Financial Assistance - families will have access to SMILE’s Scholarship rounds, where families can receive funding towards mental health therapy services, respite services, therapeutic tools, and more.

If you are interested in this program and would like to register, please click HERE to fill out our intake form. Please send all completed forms to
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Funds raised will go towards supporting SMILE families that have children admitted to Sick Kids Hospitals. We need your help! Donate today and help support children living with critical illnesses and disabilities and their families. All donations are eligible for tax receipt.