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Happy Family

Parent Coaching Program

Families and caregivers will have the opportunity to collaborate with a parent coach who has a background in speech, language or applied behavior analysis (ABA) to address the child's needs.


Each case will start with an intake assessment conducted by the parent coach. Each parent will get up to five, one-hour sessions per child/family which will be determined on a needs basis by the parent coach.


The aim of this program is to assist parents in learning skills to help in addressing areas of regression for their child given the situation during the pandemic. 


This program responds to the immediate needs of families as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Parent Coaching model of therapy allows families to safely practice physical distancing while ensuring that parents are equipped with the tools and strategies to create meaningful and lasting change through positive parenting practices. 

*Application Deadline has been extended until further notice.

Need help applying? Have questions about your application status?

Email or call SMILE at (647)-952-8135 x 102. 

Father and Children

We had our training with Aisha she was very supportive in being able to help us achieve this task during covid when things are already very challenging to be home and figuring out things. Helped family cope with a lot- learn a skill, and be at home with all the struggles.”​  - SMILE Mom


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