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Say cheese and book your professional Gloss Studios photoshoot to support children & youth with disabilities

This Mother's Day, SMILE is partnering with Gloss Studios and the Beauty Concept to bring you a professional photoshoot experience with food, drinks and more!

How does it work?

  • On May 8th, we are offering limited time slots for photoshoot bookings! All proceeds go towards supporting SMILE

  • Book your 30-minute photoshoot slot with your friends or family for $200

  • Arrive at Gloss Studios looking and feeling your best, ready for an exciting photoshoot experience and receive professional photos!

Where does my money go?

SMILE is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to supporting children and youth with disabilities with culturally sensitive resources and programming.

  • SMILE supports close to 500 families in Canada

  • 70% of SMILE families are in financial need

  • 30% are refugees (majority from Afghanistan, Syria & Sudan)

  • 46% of families have more than one child with a disability

  • 20% of families are single-mothers with children

  • 4% of families live in shelters

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