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PNEUMONIA!" is what, they said, had struck her. As Zeba lay in the hospital, hooked up to every imaginable machine in the world, inanimate and vulnerable, I stayed with her and watched her, constantly hoping and praying that she would wake up! All her previous years went through my mind; all the fun times we had together, all her attributes which made us smile, and brought so much joy into our lives!

Zeba was born 18 years ago with cerebral palsy; we were told that she may not survive the night! But survive she did, and has brought such joy and light, not only into our lives, but into everyone else's she has touched. Everyone who knows her or has come into contact with her, has felt the power of her sense of fun, excitement and love for life! I've had complete strangers come up to us and tell us how much they love her smile and how lovely Zeba looks when she smiles!

Zeba is very special not only to me but to the rest of my family, including the extended family and friends. She takes delight in seeing people, and having conversations with them using her device, poking gentle fun at some, and showing great concern and care for others. I feel that many people may think that taking care of her is such a hard task and may even pity me, but I would like to say to them that I have my own sense of satisfaction in providing great care to my beautiful daughter and that she has made me a better person. I have imbibed great strength from her own strong personality, developed patience not only with her but with the rest of the world, and have learnt to appreciate and love life itself too!


Let me talk about her smile now; her smile not only touches her lips, but also her eyes. Her eyes light up with a naughty light when she is poking fun at someone and a genuine 1000-watt smile when someone shows their care and concern towards her. The smile becomes deep laughter when someone relates a joke or a funny story! Her laughter is music to my ears. It is deep, hearty and full of joy.

These thoughts continued to race across my mind as I watched over her at the hospital, hoping and praying.... praying as I have never prayed before! The love, light and joy of my life was fighting for hers. All I wanted was for her to be returned to me the way she was. Finally, God heard my prayers and Zeba began to recover. Eventually, we were able to bring her home; our hearts were filled with gratitude towards God for listening to our prayers and felt a great sense of happiness to have her back. I continue to hope and pray that she be blessed with a long and happy life as she makes our lives so much richer and worth-living! SHE IS SO SPECIAL TO US!

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