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SMILE Canada Joins Empowered Kids Ontario as New Associate Member

This significant step marks an exciting chapter in our commitment to enhancing the lives of children and families with disabilities across Ontario.

Through this partnership, both organizations will benefit by learning about the barriers to access for the most vulnerable populations, enhancing service delivery across regions, and improving service provision through knowledge dissemination, training, and best practices. This collaboration aims to create a more inclusive and effective support system for children and youth with disabilities.

Empowered Kids Ontario represents a dynamic community of service providers dedicated to supporting children with disabilities and their families. As an associate member, SMILE Canada will have the opportunity to engage in EKO's initiatives, participate in professional development programs, and contribute to advocacy efforts that drive positive change in the sector.

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It's inspiring to see SMILE Canada and Empowered Kids Ontario joining forces to support children with disabilities. This collaboration promises to bring valuable improvements to service delivery and advocacy efforts. How do you envision this partnership making a difference in the lives of families and children in need?

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