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World Autism Awareness Day

Thursday, April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day.  While Social Distancing may change our planned events - we must continue to raise awareness for these important days.

On April 2, 2020 SMILE encourages you to talk to your children about Autism. Below are a few resources we have pulled that may assist. Share with us on Twitter, FB, and Instagram what you did with your family for World Autism Awareness Day!

1. Autism Ontario is asking everyone to join them virtually on April 2, 2020 their virtual flag raising and a flag coloring contest (with prizes!) - Check out the link below!

2. Books! There are so many great books on Autism - check out a few of our favorites here

3. VIDEOS! There are a lot of great videos to watch with your kids. Here are a few free ones that can be found on youtube

On Fancy Nancy on April 2 - Nancy learns about autism when she befriends Lionel's favorite cousin, Sean.

Do you have any tools / resources to share? Post below!
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1 Comment

Zareen Ali
Zareen Ali
Apr 01, 2020

April 2nd- Mental Health Professionals will be hosting a live web stream addressing autism, anxiety and covid-19

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