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Yoga Therapy with Bridget Doan

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Since April 2020, SMILE has hosted an online yoga program with Bridget Doan for SMILE youth using the funds raised by Fasting 5K. Bridget is a Paediatric Nurse Practitioner and holds her Masters of Nursing. She specializes in child and adolescent mental health and holds a certification in restorative yoga practices. She is passionate about the role of yoga in the treatment of wellness and spends her free time on her mat, with her bunnies, or with family and friends.

Did you know that maintaining a regular yoga practice can provide physical and mental health benefits? Some of the physical benefits include increased flexibility and muscle strength and better energy.

According to osteopathic physician Doctor Nevins, regular yoga practice also,

  • creates mental clarity and calmness;

  • increases body awareness;

  • relieves chronic stress patterns;

  • relaxes the mind;

  • centers attention;

  • and sharpens concentration.

Thank you Bridget for being a fantastic instructor! Thank you Fasting 5K for supporting SMILE families!

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