Parent Coaching

This program is an opportunity for families and caregivers to be paired with a parent coach who has a background in speech, language or applied behaviour analysis (ABA) to address a child's needs.


Financial Assistance

SMILE provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships to families who are in need of therapy, respite services, and adaptive equipment. 

Winter 2021 applications are now CLOSED. Click HERE to learn more about our program.  The Winter 2021 Financial Assistance Program is funded by Penny Appeal Canada

SMILE Case Management

Case management begins with a SMILE intake interview that identifies the needs of children and youth and their families.  Families are then connected with various government and private resources within the community to help access funding, respite, therapy, and other supports.   To access this service email


Recfest is a sporting event celebrating diversity in the community in Partnership with Special Olympics Ontario! Check it out HERE


Parent Educational Workshops


Educational workshops assist parents in developing new skills to assist with their children.  We host everything from specific health-related workshops to leadership seminars, tax seminars etc. 

Interested in hosting workshop? Email us at

Community Lecture Series

Community Lecture Series is an opportunity for the broader community to learn about disability issues - challenges, successes and impact on individuals and society- with the goal of creating awareness and inclusion.  Book a presentation today!


Kids Events

Where kids can be Kids! Fun events for everyone! Check out the Events page for our next event! 

Youth Program

SMILE Youth Events are a chance to hang out and enjoy each others company.  Movies, bowling nights and much much more.  Check out the events page for our next event!​

Inclusion Task Force

SMILE has an Inclusion Task Force that works on issues of accessibility and inclusion within community events, Islamic and private schools. We work on a consultation basis with community members, religious leaders and advocates to ensure accessibility in all spaces.  

Virtual Respite Mentorship Program

SMILE Kids and SMILE Youth will get matched with a volunteer and will have the opportunity for 1-to-1 mentorship, academic support, and create long-lasting friendships.  Find out more HERE

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