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Discover SMILE Canada's transformative programs, empowering individuals and communities through financial support, education, mentorship, and more! Our culturally responsive approach ensures inclusive support for the entire family and community, fostering self-confidence, resilience, and a strong sense of belonging.

Inclusion Taskforce

Promoting accessibility and inclusion through consultations with community members, religious leaders, and advocates, we ensure accessibility in all spaces.

Educational Workshops

We provide workshops to organizations and institutes interested in learning how to be more accessible and inclusive while implement culturally responsive practices

Service Navigation

Our Service Navigation team assists families in connecting with appropriate resources, provides guidance based on needs and maintain contact to ensure our families are being supported.

Community Heroes

Introducing SMILE'S Community Heroes, our youth community service program designed to
empower and support youth with disabilities,

Self-Regulating Toolkits

SMILE Canada supported by TD Bank Group has researched and developed self-regulating toolkits to distribute to public organizations

Mentorship Program

The SMILE Volunteer Mentorship Program provides mentoring, companionship, and fun through a mentee and mentor relationship!

Hospital Support Program

The Children’s Hospital Program supports kids during long term hospital stays through a variety of supports and services throughout thier stay

Open Shop

This program has been designed to help young adults with disabilities start their own business. Entrepreneurs are given funding, mentorship support and more!

Community Conversations

SMILE facilitates community conversations for the broader community to learn and reflect on issues in our local communities

Parent Coaching

We connect families and caregivers with a parent coach with a background in speech, language or applied behaviour analysis (ABA) to address a child's needs

Financial Assistance

We provide Financial Assistance in the form of scholarships to families who are in need of essential services and equipment

The Roots Program

SMILE empowers youth with essential skills for success in life through development of employment readiness, financial literacy and more!

Therapy Programs

We provide therapy groups with qualified professionals to support families in a fun and unique way. Past programs have included soccer clinics, yoga therapy and more!

Parent Support Groups

Through Mom's and Dad's Support Groups we provide parents with a safe space facilitated by qualified speakers and professionals

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