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Read For Eid Campaign

Gift a book to a child this Eid

This Eid Help us spark imaginations, and give some serious smiles by helping us bring books to our SMILE families!


Buy 1 Book, 2 Books, 3 Books and more and help give the gift of reading and all the benefits that come with it to SMILE kids and youth. 


SMILE is supporting local and buying books for our SMILE kids and youth! 


We at SMILE Canada designed our Read4Eid Campaign so that all of our families get to read this Eid! This Campaign will help bring books, spark imaginations, and give some serious smiles to our families! Your donation will go towards ensuring all the benefits of reading come straight to our kids, such as improved academic and social skills, storytelling, and possibly new appetites (We’re looking at you, Dr. Seuss and your green eggs and ham). Help us ensure that our kids and youth get to read this Eid and that they also get to see themselves in the books that they’re reading. We’ve got some great reads on our book list, and YOU can help us bring them to our family’s homes by donating today! 


Disclaimer: cliff hangers may be included


Our goal is to provide each SMILE child with an accessible book this Eid! 

Donate Funds for Books!
Help 1 Child: $25
Help a Family of 2 Children: $50 
Help 5 Children: $125
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