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Back to School Technology Drive

Help a Child Connect to Online Resources

Many parents and caregivers have lost jobs during the pandemic and are struggling to afford basic necessities for their children. 
Families who are doing online school have reported struggling to access basic technology required to help them succeed. 
SMILE needs your help to ensure children of all abilities have equitable access to education.
Our goal is to raise $10,000 to support SMILE children and their families as they return back to school.
Do you have used computers, tablets or iPads? Email to learn how you can donate your tablets. 
*Please note: We require tablets, computers, iPads to be sanitized before sending them in. The tablet, computer and or ipad must be in good condition for you to donate to SMILE. 
*In your donation form, please identify where you would like to allocate funds. 
Donate Funds for a Tablet! 
Help 1 child: $225 (taxes included) 
Help 5 Children: $1125 
Help 10 Children: $2250

Donate Funds for a Laptop!
Help 1 Child: $340 (taxes included) 
Help 5 Children: $1700 
Help 10 Children: $3400
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