Our Mission

SMILE is an organization on a mission to provide support to children and youth with disabilities and their families.

Our Vision

Our vision is that all children and youth are welcomed and included in all activities, spaces and services. 

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” –Muhammad Ali

A message from the Founder and Executive Director of SMILE

Board of Directors


In her role as an executive director, Sukaina provides strategic direction and vision to SMILE Canada - Support Services. Sukaina oversees all of SMILE’s programs and delivery. This includes a close evaluation of all the programs and projects ensuring they are transparent and in-line with the stated mission and goals of the organization. 

Sukaina Dada, Executive Director

In her role as a Program Coordinator, Javeria is responsible for the development and delivery of SMILE programs and events. She is in charge of community outreach and engagement of our registered SMILE families. She also coordinates awareness training and workshops within the community.

Javeria Siddiqui, Program Coordinator

In her role as an assessment coordinator and part of the assessment team, Sarah corresponds with families and evaluate their needs. She coordinates our assessment team consisting of health professionals to set up meetings with families and conduct a non-diagnostic assessments to to help families navigate and determine their needs, whether they are social or financial.

Sarah Uddin, Assessment Coordinator

In her role as a caseworker, Mehdiya corresponds to the needs of the families by conducting wellness calls to gain insight of their daily situations. She takes this information and connects them with the resources their child needs to excel. She has played an integral role in organizing various initiatives including SMILE’s Parent Coaching Program and the Naseeha Web Therapy Project

Mehdiya Khatau, Case Coordinator

In her role as Respite, Mentorship and Volunteer Coordinator, Hina is currently leading the Virtual Respite and Mentorship Program for SMILE. She has been involved with executing the program and coordinating volunteers for SMILE during COVID-19.

Hina J Malik,

Respite, Mentorship & Volunteer Coordinator

In her role as Service Navigator, Raian corresponds with families, children and youth in Arabic and English. She updates assessment team members on relevant new information regarding clients and ensures the completion of follow-up meetings with families. She also connects families with community resources that support the inclusion of children with disabilities. 

Raian Othman,

Service Navigator

SMILE Team Leads

SMILE Canada - Support Services

Email: info@smilecan.org

Phone Number: 647 952 8135

Registered Charity: 846663623 RR0001

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