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Newcomer Support for Palestinian Families 

As of December 21st, 2023, SMILE is at the forefront of providing direct immediate support to 10 Palestinian emergency evacuee families. The families consist of children with developmental disabilities, physical ailments, and long-term medical conditions, including cancer.

Many of these children require various therapies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language sessions, respite support, mental health assistance, health and wellness assessments and many more services.


The effects of war, trauma, illness, and disability on these children are significant. We encourage families in need to refer themselves to SMILE for an intake without requiring a prior diagnosis.


Rania Al Miari, our dedicated Palestinian Service Navigator, works closely with these families, providing critical support in tackling the distinct and pressing challenges faced by each family unit.

Join us in supporting these resilient Palestinian evacuee families and their children with disabilities.


Your generous donation will help provide critical therapies, essential support, and much-needed resources to ensure these children receive the care they urgently need. The average cost of support required for one child with a disability is $2500. Help us secure funding to support at least 30 more families as they arrive in increasing numbers.

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