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Where Passion Meets Purpose!

In recent months, a profound realization has dawned upon us—that the intersections of disability demand our collective attention in every corner of our society. The unique needs of newcomer and racialized children with disabilities and their families must be recognized and met within the realms of healthcare, education, and social services. At SMILE, we understand that this work cannot be undertaken alone. We need you to join us in becoming agents of change!

Why Become a Changemaker?

Volunteer for Impact: Dedicate your time with a diverse community of Changemakers, united by a common goal of creating positive change.

Make a Tangible Difference: Address service gaps, advocate for the priority population, and share SMILE's resources to create a more inclusive environment.


Amplify Voices: Use your voice to ensure that no child is left behind

Have Fun: Make valuable connections and foster positive relationships. 

Who Can Join?

We are on the lookout for passionate advocates like you! If you can dedicate time and energy to support SMILE's mission and vision of leaving no child behind, you are the Changemaker we're looking for.

Available Opportunities 

Changemaker Stream 1:

This stream is an invitation for dedicated volunteers who can provide time, energy and expertise to supporting SMILE children and youth and their families. 


Time Commitment: 4-8 hours / week 


Direct Family Support 

  • Conducting wellness calls to check in with families and address concerns and questions. 

  • Planning and participating in social and recreational opportunities with children and youth with disabilities at events, camps, and support groups. 


  • Engaging in collaborative research on topics related to disability, accessibility, intersectionality, and inclusion. 

  • Advocating for SMILE families in various educational forums and platforms.  



  • Providing guidance and support to children and youth with disabilities through ongoing 1-1 engagement. Learn more

Changemaker Stream 2:  

This stream is an invitation to committed volunteers who can utilize their resources, skills, and energy to support SMILE Canada’s Mission and Vision through raising awareness, stakeholder engagement, community connections, and fundraising initiatives. 

Time Commitment: Varies by project and/or campaign 


Incentives of Becoming a Changemaker:

  • Access to building experience for career paths

  • Training opportunities (Disability Awareness, CPI, CPR/First Aid, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Training)

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Volunteer Today and Become a Changemaker

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