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Palestine, Sudan and Afghanistan

In these critical times, we stand united in extending assistance to families arriving from Afghanistan, Sudan, and Palestine. Our urgent mission is to provide immediate aid to emergency evacuees, refugees and newcomer families with children with developmental disabilities, physical ailments, and long-term medical conditions, including cancer. Join us in offering a helping hand to those seeking safety and a new beginning. Together, we can provide urgent essential resources and care during these challenging circumstances.


Palestinian Emergency Evacuee Support

For Palestinian evacuees in Canada, the journey is marked by resilience amid challenging circumstances. Fleeing conflict and seeking refuge, they navigate settling in a new country, facing language barriers and the need for community support. Welcoming them with understanding and resources is crucial.

Through our Parent Coaching, Community Heroes, and Scholarship Programs, our Arabic-speaking Service Navigators play a vital role in swift relief, navigating support systems, and advocating for immediate assistance. Your support ensures they establish a secure and prosperous life in Canada.

Sudanese Refugee/Newcomer Support

Sudanese newcomers in Canada embark on a journey of rebuilding after political unrest and displacement. Adjusting to a new culture, accessing essential services, and overcoming past traumas are their challenges. Supportive communities, resources, and understanding play a pivotal role in helping Sudanese newcomers thrive.

Facing a mental health crisis, immediate funding is needed for physiotherapy, respite care, and essentials. Service Navigators tirelessly connect them with external resources, ensuring critical support for navigating pressing challenges.

Afghan Refugee/Newcomer Support

Amid global challenges, Afghan newcomers seek refuge in Canada, facing the task of rebuilding lives and grappling with displacement trauma and cultural adjustments. Families, many with more than one child with a disability, require urgent resources and comprehensive support.

Service Navigators connect them with external resources, securing funding for respite care, adaptive equipment, and facilitating effective communication between families and service providers.

Help us in supporting these resilient families and their children 

Your generous donation provides critical therapies, essential support, and resources

The average cost of support for one child with a disability is $2500

Meet Our Dedicated Team at the Forefront of Supporting Our Families

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