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The Roots Program

The Roots Program, a collaborative effort between SMILE Canada Support Services and Thorncliffe Park Autism Support Network (TPASN), is dedicated to empowering racialized youth with disabilities by equipping them with the essential personal and professional skills needed to thrive and achieve success in life. This program emphasizes the development of life skills, employment readiness, and financial literacy, with the overarching goal of fostering youth development and enhancing social skills. Just as roots provide a solid foundation for trees to grow and flourish, these vital skills are instrumental in enabling youth to actively engage in society with reduced barriers and challenges.

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The program aims to empower racialize youth with disabilities by equipping them with essential life skills for independent living and seamless integration into society. It also focuses on enhancing the overall quality of life for both youth and their families, alleviating financial burdens by providing free-of-cost access to necessary supports and services. The program fosters increased confidence, positive self-image, and the development of meaningful connections with peers. By nurturing a sense of belonging and encouraging personal growth, it enables youth to embark on their journey towards reaching important milestones. Additionally, the program promotes knowledge sharing, skills development, and professional networking opportunities, specifically tailored for racialize youth with disabilities in areas such as financial literacy, independent living, and employment.

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