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Move4SMILE is our annual fundraising initiative designed to encourage everyone to get active and raise funds for racialized kids with disabilities and their families.  


By attending one of our fundraising events, you can contribute to a meaningful cause while engaging in fun and healthy activities.

Proceeds from your participation will go towards:

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Providing direct support to newcomer families of kids with disabilities and critical illnesses

Offering affordable and accessible services designed for marginalized groups

Supporting mental health for parents and caregivers

Establishing language-specific support groups to ensure effective communication and support



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For many parents, the reality of arriving in a new country is compounded by the challenges of navigating unfamiliar languages and cultures while also caring for a child with disabilities. These difficulties are further exacerbated by significant out-of-pocket expenses for specialized care and support. This unique struggle can be overwhelming, but together, we can offer the support and understanding these families need to navigate their journey with strength and resilience.By contributing, you can ease the lives of these families in need, providing them with hope, stability, and a brighter future. Your generosity will help them overcome obstacles and build a supportive community where they can thrive.


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