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In partnership with Special Olympics Ontario, we are ecstatic to announce that our biggest sports and recreational event of the year, RECFEST is back!

RECFEST is an event catered for everyone of all abilities and backgrounds and was designed to bring the entire community together. We invite you and yours to attend RECFEST; our only rule is to make sure you have fun- and with what we have in store, that'll be easy!

We plan to have inflatables, obstacle courses, arts and crafts stations, ball hockey, a bazaar, a photo booth, and so much more! All attendees will have the opportunity to be entered into our biggest raffle of the year, which includes prizes like tickets to Niagra parks attraction and historic sites valued at over $400, tickets to the zoo, aquarium, cineplex packages, and more!

The best part? Tickets are only $5, so come out with your friends and family for a great time!

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Funds raised will go towards the cost of the event and supporting families of children and youth with disabilities!  

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